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Rich Ruh

I left Evernote the first time the rewrote the editor and slowed everything down. I switched to just plain ‘ol Apple Notes, but I also use Drafts. Did you consider either of these?

Dan York

Rich - I looked at Apple Notes, but part of my desire was to make sure I was no longer locked into any proprietary file formats. A large part of why I decided to move to Obsidian was that it ultimately is just markdown files in a directory.

I did look at Drafts and I think it's also a very cool option. Ultimately I just liked Obsidian better. 😀


Thanks for your testimony. I feel the exact same frustration about Evernote after a decade+ of paying subscriptions. I am currently experimenting the Yarle conversion process before migrating my hundreds of notes in a convenient way.
Unfortunately, I think that, since your post date, Obsidian locked the ability to use a third-party cloud drive for syncing. Their sync feature is a paid option now.
Unless you have a workaround?

Dan York

fxbodin - As far as I know, Obsidian's Sync feature has always been their paid service.

What I do is simply put my "vault" (the folder/directory with Obsidian markdown files) in my iCloud drive, and then open that in Obsidian on my various devices. Similarly I could just put the vault in Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or whatever.

All the "syncing" takes place by the underlying storage provider. Obsidian knows nothing about the syncing.

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