Slides for my ISC2 Security Congress session on "Demystifying Routing Security"

Isc2-routing-security-webToday at the ISC2 Security Congress 2023 in Nashville, TN, I gave a well-received talk on "Demystifying the World of Routing Security". Unfortunately, the mobile app for the event had (and still has) the wrong set of slides. Instead of mine, the attached deck was for a 2019 talk. So I told participants I would put the slides up on one of my sites. And here they are:

As you will see, a great amount of the slides are about the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) initiative.

Also, for people seeking info about how to be involved with the "MANRS+" effort, the link is: https://www.manrs.org/about/manrs-working-group/

Thanks to all who attended - and especially to the five who helped me with the on-stage demonstration. 😀


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